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Based in Vancouver, British Columbia

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August 10, 2016

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Play cribbage with your grandpa in this game for IOS and Android. The game features a 'Grandpa Creator' that allows the player to create a grandpa of their choosing and even select his personality (grumpy, silly, tough, etc.), which affects the light dialogue during play. Cribbage is a pre-existing card game that was created in the 1600's known for its unique wooden board and scoring system. It's enjoyed by players of all ages and dispositions.


Leanne and Justin met years ago and have kept in touch through the Vancouver Full Indie community. Both developers handle the design; Leanne does the art and Justin codes.


  • Create the grandpa of your choice from a selection of over 200 different parts!
  • Several levels of difficulty for the beginner to the expert cribbage player to choose from!
  • Hundreds of lines of dialogue to help your grandpa's personality come alive!
  • Share photos of your grandpa on Facebook and Twitter!
  • Plenty of different environments and snacks, each with charming sonic accompaniment!


Cribbage With Grandpas Launch Trailer Vimeo

Pre-Release Gameplay Video Vimeo


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (1MB)

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Selected Articles

  • "We couldn’t have cared less about cribbage before, but now we love Cribbage With Grandpas."
    - Jillian Werner, GameZebo
  • "We never played cribbage when he was alive, or any games really. He did like to water ski, though, and later in life to drive the boat while I did — there’s a fountain over his right shoulder, where he sits in the game, and that reminds me close enough. And so a few times a day I play cards against him. "
    - Duncan Cooper, The Fader
  • "Best Game I Can’t Stop Playing: Cribbage with Grandpas"
    - Rich Gallup, Giant Bomb
  • "The game nails the feeling of another person being right there with you. I think its appeal is exactly that: you play a game, just as you would play chess, on your cell phone, but with and actual competent AI to keep you company."
    - David Fields, Mediacraft
  • "Whether your real grandpas aren’t around anymore or are too far to visit, the grandpas in this game will give you some warm and fuzzies as they gently teach you how to play and then make jokes and tell anecdotes during each hand."
    - Anna Tarkov, Remeshed
  • "At the exact same moment Pokemon Go continues to wrap its spindly claws around our most cherished resource (Millennials), Cribbage with Grandpas comes out as a shining, reassuring beacon of hope for all that is right about video games."
    - Ryan Harby, Honey Dill
  • "It's addictive, subtle, and very human at the same time. The playing experience is adorable and easygoing, but just challenging enough!"
    - MEVB123, Apple App Store Review
  • "A lot of my childhood was watching my mom and my grandparents or great aunts and uncles play crib. With this, I get a lot of fond nostalgia being able to play a couple rounds of crib with grandpa. Great stuff"
    - Lindsay Jorgensen, Google Play Store Review

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